Valve safety / Maint. training

Valve Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Service

U.S. DOT 49 CFR 192 and 195 Operator Qualified & Insured. 85 Years of Field Experience

Valve Safety & Maintenance Training​

includes Classroom and Hands-On Training Certified Evaluators for Veriforce & ISNetworld Instructor with 36 Years Field Experience and Classroom Instruction.

Valve Consulting​

for Plug, Ball and Gate Valves including Rockwell, Walworth, Cameron, WKM, Grove, Orbit, M & J, KF, ACF, McEvoy and Nordstrom brands.

Valve Repair with API-6D or API-6A Hydro-Testing

Every valve is Completely disassembled, repaired and hydro tested to industry standards. Each valve is individually inspected, and pressure tested to API-6D or Your specifications.