Air Operated Valve Lubrication Pumps

90:1 Ratio Valve Lubrication Pump Rated up to 10,000 psi Delivery: 1/10 ounce per stroke 10’ or 20’ / 20,000 psi Minimum burst pressure grease hose,
The Melancon Model # 40-90 holds a 40 lb. pail (5 gallon pail).  It is also equipped with our 90:1 ratio industrial pump, a heavy duty canister,  10’
Our MELANCON E120* and E120-15M* Specialty Pumps are Specifically designed to Routinely overcome up to 12,000 psi Line Pressure. Either unit will efficiently inject Valve Lubricant, Sealant
The Melancon Model # 120-90 is ideal for large valve lubrication jobs & maintenance of wellhead gate valves where large quantities of valve lubricant  / cleaner are