Valve Lube Sealants Emergency Valve Sealants

Specially formulated for Natural Gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons, Crude Oil & Aromatics. This product is accepted world wide for Routine valve maintenance for All
High Temperature valve lube sealant (contains moly-disulfide). Developed for valves in general hot hydrocarbon services. It also works well in Natural Gas service on
Multi-purpose hydrocarbon valve lube sealant for Naptha, Kerosene, Ethylene, Butane and Carbon Tetrachloride.
Same applications as our No. 90. Formulated for easier pumping in cold weather. MELANCON 94 is widely used for Valve Commissioning. It is ideal
Valve lube sealant for H2S (sour gas) and / or CO2.
Valve lube sealant for High Pressure CO2, Molten Sulphur, acetic anhydride & acetic acid. It also works well in Air Starting valves at Compressor Stations. It will NOT