High Pressure: Hydraulic Valve Lubrication Guns

The Melancon Model # 67 is a rugged 15,000 psi Bucket Pump.  It is ideal for valve lubrication in the field, when an air supply is not
The Melancon Model # 1442“Hydra Case” is designed to protect one Model 14 Hydraulic grease gun. Product features include spare compartments to hold safety adapters, tools, &
Trade in an old hydraulic grease gun for a Melancon Model 14 – REM Remanufactured gun. Completely Rebuilt, Replated and Tested, it is an economical alternative to
The Melancon Model # 62-WGL is a lightweight, high pressure valve lubrication gun.  It builds 12,000 psi or more with little effort.  Completely equipped with a high
High Pressure Valve Lubrication Gun: Screw Type for Cartridges We also offer the Melancon Model # 62-CT for 14.5 oz. or 1 lb. Cartidges, which allows you to