Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Check & Gate Valves

Sizes: 1/ 2” – 12”  (up to 72” available)
Classes:  ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 · FULL and Reduced Port (Standard ANSI Dimensions)
Industry Standards : ANSI B16.10, B16.5 and B16.34, MSS SP-6, SP-25, SP-61 and SP -72.
Standard Features:

  1. Fire Safe – Designed and Tested to API -607 4th Edition
  2. NACE-MR-01-75, 316 SS Ball & Stem
  3. Secondary metal-to metal seating
  4. DUAL Stem Seals – requires fewer adjustments in service
  5. Encapsulated Body Seal improves sealing and improves cold flow
  6. Recessed Seats extend seat life, eliminate seat “blowout” and help prevent cold flow
  7. Conical Shaped TFE and RTFE Packing Rings
  8. Dual Packing Sets maximize seal integrity and eliminate problems commonly associated with multiple to loaded packing designs.
  9. Integral Mounting Pad allows easy automation
  10. Internal Entry Stem for maximum safety.
  11. Standard Flange Finish 125-250 micro inches (Ra) compatible with industry approved gaskets.
  12. Standard Grounding Washer on all styles except Fire Gard – where the flexible graphite stem packing provides grounding.

    Service Options: Sour Gas (NACE-MR-01-75), Chlorine Service, Oxygen, Vacuum,
                                    Cryogenic, Fugitive Emissions, Hot Oil, Thermal Fluid, Steam, Paint,
                                    U.L Listed, Pulp & Paper Mills

    *Additional Valve Specifications are available upon request.

A. 78SW Series: 2000, 3600 & 6000 psi
B. 88 Series: Fire Safe w/ Round Safety Handle
C. 88 Series w/ lever locking handle
D325 & 525 Series: 3 piece Bolted Body (8 Bolts)
E. 79 Series: Double Union Ends,
F. Trunnion Mounted on page 18.
G. One piece Unibody
H. Two piece bolted body