Emergency Sealants & Specialty Valve Lubricants

Wonder Seal (100% Synthetic) Contains NO Teflon® or Solids EMERGENCY Valve Sealant specially formulated for use in Plug, Ball or Gate type valves including Cameron, Rockwell, Grove, Nordstrom, WKM,
Specialty Valve Lube Sealant (reduces operating torque) Developed in 2001, Melancon 45 has a proven record in the field for resolving torque issues, particularly on
EMERGENCY Valve Lube Sealant. Contains Soft Teflon® particles for sealing capability on badly worn or cut valves. Repeated use is not recommended… This is a last resort
(also meets Mil-G-6032 specs.) Multi-Purpose Valve Sealant. Melancon 98 contains NO Solid fillers. Excellent sealing capability for Plug, Ball & Gate valves including Rockwell,
Valve lube sealant for H2S (sour gas) and / or CO2.
Valve lube sealant for High Pressure CO2, Molten Sulphur, acetic anhydride & acetic acid. It also works well in Air Starting valves at Compressor Stations. It will NOT