Emergency Sealants & Specialty Valve Lubricants

Valve Lube Sealant specially formulated for Air Starting valves on Compressor Stations.
Melancon 536 is one of Our Premium Grade Routine Valve Maint. Products. Multi-purpose valve lube sealant for Natural Gas (wet or dry) Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Aviation
Multi-purpose valve lube sealant. Specially formulated for API-6A gate valve bodies. Product contains corrosion inhibitor and anti-oxidants. This product will not separate. Our Non-Abrasive formula
Multi-purpose hydrocarbon valve lube sealant. Designed for natural gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons, crude oil, gasoline, propylene, benzene, toluene, butadiene, xylene, styrene, cumene & aromatics.
This specialty valve lube sealant is formulated with premium base oils & a unique sealing matrix. Services include Natural Gas (wet or dry), LPG,
Multi-purpose EP Bearing Lubricant (Petroleum Base). Available in cartridges & bulk form.