Capped Fittings & Packing Injectors

Part No. Description C – 12 Capped Fitting, 1/2” NPT C – 38 Capped Fitting, 3/8” NPT C – 14 Capped Fitting, 1/4” NPT
Part No. Description P-12-L Packing Injector,1/2” NPT (fits Daniel M & J Gate valves) P–12-LSS 316 SS(Same as above)
P – 14 Packing Injector,1/4” NPT P – 38 Packing Injector,3/8” NPT P – 12 Packing Injector,1/2” NPT (standard on WKM valves manufactured After
P–14-DSS Packing Injector, 1/4” NPT (fits Daniel Senior fitting) Made of 316 SS
P-34-RW Packing Injector, 3/4” NPT (fits most Hypreseal plug valves 3″ & larger) P-12-RW Packing Injector, 1/2″ NPT (not pictured)
BV-12-DSS Bleeder Valve Assembly(316 SS), 1/2″ NPT This is the standard Bleeder fitting for Daniel M & J Gate valves and Daniel Senior Orifice Fittings.